Diamond Jewelry


Diamond jewelry is the most well known and sought-after in the world. The history of diamond jewelry extends thousands of years into the past and gets its name from the Greek word Adamas, meaning unconquerable. Created essentially from pure carbon with only minor impurities, diamonds are the most lustrous of true gems. Diamond jewelry exhibits dazzling flashes known as fire. This is caused by light entering the table of the gemstone and dispersing into the colors of the spectrum. Click here to see more diamond rings! Lucky are those born in April, as diamond is their birthstone.

Because perfect specimens are very rare, most diamonds have inclusions and are not without color. These inclusions are crystals from other minerals that are present within the diamond's own crystal structure. The typical range of color for diamonds used in diamond jewelry varies from colorless to yellow with shades of brown in between. Diamonds also have been discovered in shades of gray, pink, green, orange, blue, black and red. Much of the colored diamond jewelry on the market today features diamonds that have been irradiated and/or heat-treated to create their permanent color change.

Classified as a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness, diamonds are considered the hardest natural substance and can easily scratch any other mineral. The difference between 9 and 10 is greater than any other two minerals on the scale. It should be noted that while diamonds are extremely hard, they can be broken if hit hard enough. We recommend cleaning diamond jewelry using gem cleaner to maintain its brilliance. For more information, read our Guide to Buying Diamonds.


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